Greek Fisher Price Colorful Mood Crayons


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Greek Fisher Price Colorful Mood Crayons

From happy to sad, sleepy or mad, the Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Colorful Mood Crayons help little ones explore feelings, colors, number order, sequencing and more with fun songs and interactive, hands-on play IN GREEK! These expressive little buddies each have a unique feeling—surprised, sad, sleepy, happy, or mad. When little ones press on a crayon, they’ll hear silly songs and phrases about its color and mood (“I’m a happy, yellow crayon!”). And, they’ll learn all about number order, matching, and sequencing as they sort and drop each crayon into correct slot in the crayon box and are rewarded with fun phrases and tunes when they do well! With more than 35 different songs and phrases, this colorful bunch is sure to draw in your toddler for tons of play time learning. Where early academics comes into play Colors & feelings: When toddlers press down on the crayons, they’ll hear phrases & songs that introduce them to each color & feeling – from surprised, sad and sleepy, to happy & mad. Counting & sequencing: Sorting the crayons into the correct slots in the crayon box rewards little ones with songs & phrases teaching them about each number and its order. (“Two! Two comes AFTER one!”)

  • Press on each crayon to hear all about its unique feeling and more with fun songs & phrases ALL IN GREEK!
  • Sort the crayons into the correct slot to hear rewarding songs & phrases
  • Includes 5 colorful, numbered crayons and 1 crayon box
  • Teaches feelings, counting & sequencing, colors, and more!
  • More than 35 songs, sounds, & phrases!



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