Greek Literature

Author: Giorgos Polyrakis

No. Of pages: 488

Erzincan, Armenia. Spring 1915. Kevork and Nevart, rapt in the ignorance and grand optimism of youth and their love, are creating dreams. Suddenly, the dark birds of hate and the winds of war drive Nevart to free Thessaloniki and Kevork to the desert of Syria, where he will experience the terrors of the genocide of his people. He will manage to survive and will reach Pireaus. With a difference of two months, the young man and woman will return to Erzincan searching desperately for their other half, but, not finding each other, they will ultimately leave the town where they were born and raised behind. Thirty-six years later, a gold medallion with a large ruby in the shape of a heart in the centre, will bring them together again and make them smell the sweet perfume of happiness which had been lost forever. A true story, like thousands of others at that time, interwoven with the course of a Christian people who always stood tall, even in times of strife.


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