ASTERIA STIN AMMO (Rena Rossi-Zairi)


Greek Literature

Author: Rena Rossi-Zairi

No. Of pages: 496

Best-selling author, Rena Rossi-Zairi returns with her new STARS IN THE SAND, an epic love story that will carry its readers away with the strength of waves crashing on a beach. In the novel we read of charming Maximos, sensitive Jonah, dynamic Andreas and Alexia – the woman caught between them. A woman loved desperately by all. But who shall make her his forever? Agathoniki and Jacob are also at hand, filled with unquenching hatred and sin. Because we are what has happened to us, and because it is difficult for us to escape the mistakes made by our parents. This is a true story emanating from life itself, a novel flooded by light and calling out for love. It is a story that will make certain that we never sleep without dreams and awaken hope in each and every one of us…


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